We have completed the Mirror’s Edge Bag Location Video Guides for the Prologue through Chapter 2 and have made them available for viewing recently at BagRunners.com.

Part of our job as Bag Runners is to completely indulge ourselves in the world of Mirror’s Edge, and to discover everything there is to learn about its universe. We want to create the most throurough ME experience possible here on BagRunners.com, and we feel like the video guides do a nice job explaining where you can find different items visually.

The rest of our video guide series for the bag locations will be finished and posted soon, and we hope you’ll come back to check them out. If nothing else, you’ll unlock 3 achievements by collecting all the bags in Mirror’s Edge.

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    Fire G

    Thanks David!

    I found 2 so far in every chapter, but I’ve only gotten all 3 in chapters 1-3 thanks to you!

    Did you get the guide or are you really just running around looking in every nook and cranny?

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