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    Hey, thanks for this. Most sites just give the chapters and checkpoints with no pictures. These videos make it really easy to determine where the bags are since you basically can follow along with the video. I have a small suggestion, could you not only tell us the bag number but the checkpoint in which to find it. Overall, very good job and I am looking forward to the other videos. Thanks.

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    thank you man. make more vids and rock on

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    awesome vids man. I noticed that you only have a few chapters and vids. I was wondering if there was anyway to record it on my ps3 and send it to you guys to see if maybe i could help get some more hidden bag and maybe some speed run vids in this site.

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    no text description!?

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    David Leggett

    @Joe: Haha, typically folks complain about not having enough video or photos to see exactly how to find these sorts of things. That’s why I spent 5-8 hours on the videos :P

    I’ll have to add text descriptions sometime mate, sorry :(

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    VOD Serenity

    Why do you only have up to Chapter 2? ;__;

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