The hidden bags for Chapter 1: Flight are as follows:

  1. Bag 1 is found on the second building in the level. There are two electrical fences on this building. Just after fence two, there is an extrusion on the left of the building (the one with two “L” shaped vents connected to it). The bag is on top of this between the vents.
  2. Bag 2 is found during the helicopter chase, a bit after you jump down into the large cushion. Continue down the ordinary path, making a right into the narrow alley up ahead. In this ally, rather than breaking off left, continue going straight ahead and leap to a balcony at the end. The bag is found behind an AC unit on this balcony.
  3. Bag 3 is towards the end of the chapter, in the area with the huge orange staircases (it’s hard to miss). Instead of heading up the orange staircases, check underneath them and too the left for a chain fence. Leap the fence, and you’ll find the bag.

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